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Surrogacy Since

Since 1997 and 2002

Commercial surrogacy has been completely legal in the Ukraine and Georgia since 2002 and 1997 respectively.
Intended Parents

Eligible IPs

In the Ukraine, only straight married couples are allowed to enter gestational carrier agreements. Georgia has a wider scope of eligibility, allowing both straight married and de facto couples to participate in gestational carrier agreements.
Pre Birth Court Orders

Fixed Cost Entire Program

Manor offers a fixed, all-inclusive surrogacy price package. You sign an agreement with Manor and they take care of everything – surrogate recruitment, screening and preparation, all medical and hospital requirements, legal and administrative tasks. They even include 4 weeks accommodation at no charge.

Ukrainian/Georgian Citizenship

Children born through a surrogacy arrangement in the Ukraine will not be granted Ukrainian citizenship. In Georgia, birth through surrogacy can lead to Georgian citizenship but ONLY if the country of origin of neither of the IPs grants the child citizenship.
Dual Citizenship

Guaranteed Live Birth

In case of pregnancy ending at any stage without live birth of the baby, Manor Surrogacy will start from the beginning at no extra cost for so long as you can continue to supply them with Embryos.
Birth Certificate

Birth Certificate

The child’s birth certificate should be issued approximately a week after birth. The Ukrainian/Georgian authorities will list the IPs as parents on the birth certificate.

About Surrogacy in Ukraine/Georgia


The surrogacy program in Ukraine/Georgia is directly and closely supervised by  Manor Surrogacy (“Manor”), an Israeli based state-of-the-art fertility clinic. The program is open to straight married couples in Ukraine and straight married or de facto couples in Georgia. The surrogate is permitted to be compensated provided there is a properly executed Gestational Carrier Agreement. The contract needs to be signed before a local notary.

We work with Manor Surrogacy, which is an Israeli entity providing a total solution – recruitment, screening and management of surrogates, all medical services, including prenatal check-ups, births and paediatric services, in-country legal services and administration and coordination of travel and accommodation. The all-inclusive package of Manor Surrogacy will make your journey less stressful. Manor Surrogacy offers you the best of both worlds. On one hand, it is run by highly skilled western educated medical professionals. All the staff members have completed their medical degrees in well renowned universities in Israel and the US. On the other hand, the program offers an affordable price at a fixed cost. The program also guarantees you a healthy baby. If for any reason, the pregnancy should end or the baby is not alive at birth, the whole process will be restarted with the same or a new surrogate at no extra cost.

Manor also realizes how precious your embryos are. Instead of transferring all of them and hoping one or more will lead to pregnancy, the clinic will only transfer one at a time into the surrogate. In exceptional circumstances 2 embryos may be transferred if you, the doctor and the surrogate agree. If you run out of embryos, you must create new ones at your own expense, but their transport within Europe will be covered by Manor. Once you have joined the program and completed all documentation, the first embryo transfer could happen within a month.

All women applying to be a gestational carrier are rigorously screened to assess their psychological, uterine and basic overall health. The surrogates need to have at least one child and the age range varies from 19-35. Traditional surrogacy (where the surrogate provides her eggs) is not permitted.  If the IPs are not able to create embryos with their own genetic material,  third-party donors are available through Manor IVF, a related entity.

IPs will complete a profile and biography and a FaceTime or Skype video conference will be held with representatives of Manor Surrogacy before they are matched with a surrogate. The representatives will ask questions regarding your needs and requirements and explain the different financial, legal and administrative aspects of the surrogacy process.  Following these conferences the IPs will need to complete a significant number of documents.  We will assist you in completing those documents, some of which must be signed before a Public Notary and apostilled by the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Due to the guarantee program Manor offer at a fixed price and the ready availability of prospective surrogates, their standard protocol is to change surrogates after each unsuccessful embryo transfer.  This protocol involves Manor recommending a surrogate to you, who you can accept or decline, shortly before the scheduled embryo transfer date.  The surrogates are in constant preparation so there are some always ready to proceed.  This is a very different protocol from most other clinics around the world but allows Manor to offer its guarantee program.

Once you have approved your proposed surrogate, Manor will send their physicians to Ukraine or Georgia to supervise the embryo transfer. Twelve days after the transfer, a blood test will be carried out to determine whether or not the surrogate is pregnant. In case of a negative test result, Manor will continue to transfer embryos, one at the time, into a new surrogate until it leads to a positive test result.

When pregnancy is achieved, the medical team will monitor the progress of the surrogate and keep you updated every step of the way. There is no need for you to fly over to Ukraine or Georgia to check up on the progress of the pregnancy.  Manor takes care of everything for you. They will update you regularly, all test results and scans will be sent to you and they will organize video conferences with the surrogate with a translator.  If you want to fly over to visit the Manor team or your surrogate you will be welcomed by the local Manor team. Manor will assist you and make your stay as stress-free and comfortable as possible.

The surrogates are not permitted to work during the pregnancy and will be compensated during their time off. They will spend their time at home surrounded by their family. The medical team and nurses will have contact with each surrogate at least once a week. All surrogates live close to the hospital. If closer monitoring is required, Manor will offer them one of their apartments for them to be closer to the medical facilities.  The Israeli doctors fly in to Ukraine and Georgia regularly for embryo transfers and during such visits they examine all pregnant surrogates such that each surrogate has one pre-natal consultation per month with the Israeli doctors.  At all other times the surrogates are examined by Ukrainian or Georgian doctors under supervision from the Israeli doctors and in accordance with Israeli medical protocols.

When the day of delivery has arrived, Manor will try to make sure you are there.  They will notify you about the expected delivery date and coordinate your arrival. It is important to know that deliveries cannot be calculated with 100% certainty. If the doctor has scheduled a caesarean delivery then you will know exactly when the baby will be delivered.  Manor will have a driver collect you from the airport and take you to your accommodation and thereafter drive you between the accommodation and hospital as required.

After the birth of your child, manor will provide you with a fully furnished apartment for one month. This will allow you to adapt to your new status as a parent. The apartments are fully equipped with WIFI, washing machines, baby baths, cots and cooking utensils.  As long as you remain in Georgia or Ukraine, Manor will ensure you are being taken care of. A nurse and a paediatrician will come visit your new born baby once a week to monitor its progress and make sure everything is progressing well.

If you are requiring an egg donor, the total services necessary to create your embryos are provided by Manor IVF. Manor IVF is a related body corporate to Manor but its services are limited to the collection of gametes (eggs, sperm), creation and growth and genetic screening of embryos. Manor IVF is responsible for the recruitment, screening and testing of egg donors, all medical, IVF and embryology services up to day 5 blastocyst stage embryo development and all legal and administrative requirements in respect of the creation and storage of embryos.

Manor IVF offers you specialized egg donor programs in Israel, Ukraine, Georgia and Cyprus. Your selection of an egg donor may determine which program you use but the protocols, cost and guarantees are the same.  Manor IVF guarantees you a minimum of 3 healthy day 5 blastocysts and will continue to perform additional cycles as necessary to reach your guaranteed minimum number of embryos at no additional cost.

The egg donors go through an extensive medical screening.  They will be tested for STDs, genetic conditions, immunohematology and haematology. They will also be questioned about family medical history, education, specific talents and interests.  Most donors have previously given birth to a healthy child and are aged between 23 and 32. The information that will be available to you is the following:  eye and hair colour, height, weight, age, blood type and Rh factor. The donor may disclose additional information such as work experience, interests and talents and educational background. Based on their profile, you will be able to make an informed decision and find the most suitable donor.  You start the process by completing a “Donor Characteristics Form” so that Manor IVF can offer you suitable egg donor profiles to consider.

Throughout your journey, all communication with Manor, Manor IVF and their representatives in Ukraine, Georgia and Israel will be copied to us and to IPT Law.  If you have a medical issue, then you will direct your email to the relevant clinic staff but copy us.  If you have a question concerning administration, travel, legal issues or financial matters then you will address your email to us and we will engage with the relevant person in Israel, Ukraine or Georgia as appropriate.  We will be the project managers for your journey.

When a payment instalment falls due, Manor or Manor IVF will send an invoice to us for your attention.  We will first validate that the instalment is payable under the contract and if so pass it on to you for payment.  You will make the payment by international bank transfer and send a copy of the remittance advice to us and Manor or Manor IVF.

At around month 7 of the pregnancy we will start talking to you about your travel plans and ipt Law will prepare your citizenship and passport applications and prepare the first draft of the surrogate mother’s affidavit. We will send the draft affidavit to Manor so they can provide it to the surrogate mother for her review. She will receive local legal advice for this.

Immediately after the birth of your child we will assist you in obtaining your birth certificate and IPT Law will lodge your citizenship application, application for DNA testing and forward the completed passport application to you for your lodgement. You will be given detailed and complete instructions on how to prepare all documentation and the steps you must take. The Australian High Commission in London is responsible for all citizenship applications made for children born in the Ukraine and Georgia.

Passport applications must be lodged in person by the IPs at the Australian embassy closest/most convenient to you. In Ukraine, there is an Australian embassy in Kiev. There is no Australian embassy in Tbilisi, Georgia so it could be lodged in Ukraine, Turkey, Hungary for example.  Upon your return to Australia we will meet with you to ensure everything has been completed and then leave you with ipt Law to complete the Family Court application for parenting orders.


The practical step-by-step process of surrogacy in Ukraine/Georgia is as follows:

  • IPs complete a profile and bio and undertake blood tests and sperm analysis (as applicable);
  • IPs provide identity documents and AFP Police check to IPT Law;
  • IPs sign agreements with Manor and/or Manor IVF;
  • IPs complete all Manor documentation, including those to be notarised and apostilled;
  • IPs obtain evidence of their inability to carry children;
  • IPs sign a Power of Attorney allowing local lawyer to enter into Gestational Carrier Agreements on their behalf;
  • IPs have marriage certificate and birth certificates ORIGINALS apostilled;
  • If applicable egg/sperm donor selected and agreement signed;
  • IPs provide their sperm or eggs to clinic;
  • IPs provide clear instructions to the clinic on embryo transfer protocols
  • IPs are introduced to a prospective surrogate within a few days of scheduled FET;
  • When a surrogate is confirmed as pregnant the IPs formalise the Gestational Carrier Agreement by executing it directly with the surrogate;
  • Throughout the pregnancy we are on call to discuss any issues that may arise.
  • In the final month of pregnancy the doctor will advise a tentative delivery date
  • Within 3 days after birth the Manor lawyer will accompany you to obtain the birth certificate;
  • Citizenship and passport for the child based on the IPs citizenship are issued quickly

A summary of Surrogacy in Georgia/Ukraine


Legal Certainty
Availability of Surrogates

A summary of Surrogacy in Georgia/Ukraine

Legal Certainty
Availability of Surrogates


Babies Delivered

Manor Surrogacy has welcomed 345 children, 117 of them in 2016 alone.

Years Experience

Manor surrogacy’s doctors have 10 years shared experience in Surrogacy and Infertility. With over 1000 egg donation procedures and 10000 treatment cycles a year, the breadth of clinical experience and years of research have has translated into scientific breakthroughs and the highest fertility success rates.

Success Rate

Manor surrogacy has a 45% live birth success rate. This is the likelihood of having a “take-home baby” after one IVF cycle. Given the Manor guarantee program this statistic is less relevant.

Manor Medical Centre


Manor medical centre is an Israeli based fertility centre that operates its surrogacy program in the Ukraine and Georgia. Dr. Ariel Hourvitz, Dr. Ettie Maman and Dr. Micha Baum are the primary physicians at the clinic. In addition to them working at Manor all the physicians carry key roles , in various fields of fertility in Israel’s largest and best hospitals such as Sheba hospital in Tel Hashomer. Being senior physicians and head of departments, has granted them years of experience and highly honored reputations. In addition to the clinic`s exceptional experience, Manor Surrogacy also works with state-of-the-art private facilities in Tbilisi, Georgia and Kiev, Ukraine. The one in Tbilisi is even considered to be the most advanced clinic in the entire Caucasus. The equipment and infrastructure is of exceptional quality and all medical procedures follow the highest western standards. The pregnancy follow-up tests, for example, are being performed with the use of a top-of-the-line 3D US machine (Voluson E8). The embryo transfers are performed by Israeli and Georgian doctors. The head physicians of the Manor medical clinic all travel to Kiev or Tbilisi to assist the surrogates.

Dr. Ariel Hourvitz

Practice Director

Dr. Ariel Hourvitz is one of the head physicians of the IVF unit in Sheba Hospital in Tel Hashomer. His area of expertise consists of obstetrics, gynaecology, fertility, IVF and ovarian physiology. He is a graduate of the Sackler Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University. He also obtained a graduate degree in Health Systems Management from Tel Aviv University’s faculty of business administration. His specialization in ovarian physiology was under the supervision of Prof. Eli Adshi of the University of Utah. Prof. Zev Rosenwask of the prestigious Cornell University in New York supervised his fertility and IVF specialization.

Dr. Ettie Maman is also one of the head physicians of the clinic. She is a researcher at the stem cell research centre and the fertility research laboratory at Sheba Hospital in Tel Hashomer medical centre. She graduated from Ben Gurion University`s faculty of medicine with a specialization in obstetrics, gynaecology and fertility. Dr. Maman has also gained experience abroad, working for different clinics in Toronto, Canada.

Dr. Israel Hendler is undoubtedly the expert in high-risk pregnancies. Having graduated from the Ben Gurion University’s faculty of medicine, he interned in obstetrics and gynaecology at the Sheba medical centre. Throughout his medical career, Dr. Hendler has gained a lot of experience in high-risk pregnancies, performing around 100 amniocentesis procedures a month. Furthermore, he has published numerous papers and specialized in multi-embryo pregnancies, caesarean sections, maternal obesity and premature births. He has been rewarded with the Israel Society of Maternal-Fetal Medicine award for Research Excellence for his outstanding work.

Elad Katorza_opt

Dr. Elad Katorza

Irit Eizen_opt

Dr. Irit Eizen

Rotem Inbar _ opt

Dr. Rotem Inbar

Why We Recommend Manor

We have brought Manor Surrogacy into our team for 3 simple reasons:
Guarantee program – if your surrogate does not keep a pregnancy the process starts again but you never pay the same instalment twice.
The fixed costs of the program ensure transparency and financial certainty for the IPs.
Package Options
If the process is unsuccessful, Manor Surrogacy will refund 50% of the fees paid up to that date.

Western standards of medicine, including clinics, equipment and medical experts.

  • 1300 eggs donated per year
  • Fast process with immediate availability of surrogates
  • IP friendly payment schedule
  • Free safe transportation of embryos within Europe

  • Free psychological guidance by experts in the field
  • Replacing a surrogate after each attempt at no extra cost
  • 60 Israeli medical professionals with you for the duration of your journey

The Cost of Surrogacy in Ukraine/Georgia

At Global Surrogacy we will discuss your particular circumstances with you and then provide you with a total package price set out in a spreadsheet that includes a payment schedule.  The total price includes all fees payable to the surrogate, egg donors, Australian and Ukrainian/Georgian lawyers, agencies and the Clinic and our fees.

The approximate total price for surrogacy in Ukraine/Georgia is USD $104,000 if using your own embryos or $112,000 if you need an egg donor. There is a price list for optional additional services (eg: PGS) and contingencies (eg: twins).  This basic package price includes unlimited embryo transfers using all the embryos you have or can provide.

The total price includes:

  • All fees for surrogates and egg donors;
  • All surrogate compensation and anticipated expenses for a routine pregnancy;
  • All medical fees for IVF services, neo-natal monitoring, birth and recovery;
  • All legal fees payable to Ukrainian/Georgian lawyers for agreements and parentage orders;
  • All legal fees payable to IPT Law for services including the initial parts of parentage orders in Australia;
  • The project management fee for Global Surrogacy.

Our payment schedule sets out the instalments by which each service provider is paid over the duration of your journey, it’s features are as follows:

  • Transparent and set out in a payment schedule.
  • Details of additional services and contingency costs.

Surrogacy Law in Ukraine/Georgia

An overview of Surrogacy Laws in Ukraine/Georgia


I. Ukraine

The laws in respect of surrogacy in Ukraine are very supportive of surrogacy arrangements.  The Ukrainian Family Code (amended in December 2006, No 524-V) regulates the legal aspects of surrogacy. Article 123 of the code determines that “when an embryo is conceived by the spouses and implanted to another woman, the spouses shall be considered as the parents of the child.” The surrogate mother has no right to contest the maternal affiliation of the intended mother as is set out in article 139, par.2 of the Ukrainian Family Code.

Orders 24 and 771 of the Health Ministry of Ukraine also play an important role in the regulation of surrogacy in Ukraine. These orders stipulate the requirements that need to be fulfilled during the process of artificial insemination and embryo transfer. They also require the existence of a written informed consent between the surrogate and the IPs. This agreement needs to be signed before a local notary before the embryo transfer.

Ukrainian law only allows surrogacy for married straight couples. This means that the Ukrainian notary will ask for an apostilled marriage certificate in order to finalize the surrogacy agreement.

The Ukrainian Instruction on Procedures for Assisted Reproductive Technologies, adopted by the Order of the Ministry of Health No. 771 of 12/23/2008 sets out an important set of rules for the establishment of parental right. In case of egg/sperm donation, paragraph 5.1 of the instruction determines that the anonymity of the donor needs to be upheld. The donor, being anonymous, will not acquire any parental rights. In case of surrogacy, paragraph 7.11 declares that the birth certificate of the child should mention at least one genetic link to the infant, either from the intended mother or the intended father. Consequently, the egg/sperm donor and the surrogate will be denied any parental rights with regard to the child. When applying for a birth certificate, the IPs will have to deliver a medical certificate that demonstrates the genetic link between the child and at least one of them.

According to par.11 of the Rules of Civil Registration, approved by the order of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine of 18 October 2000 no 52/5, the surrogate needs to deliver a notarised written consent for the intended parents to be registered on the birth certificate.

II. Georgia

Since 1997 surrogacy has been legal in Georgia for straight married and straight de facto couples. Article 143,b of the Law of Georgia on Healthcare  explicitly allows surrogacy “when a woman does not have an uterus, by transferring the embryo obtained as a result of fertilisation to the uterus of another women.” The embryo may contain genetic material from one or both of the intended parents but this is not a must, unlike the Ukraine, where at least one of the IP`s needs to demonstrate a genetic link to the child.

The written consent of the couple is obligatory. The surrogate mother will not have any parental rights with regard to the child. In contrast to the Ukraine, consent of the surrogate mother is not required for registration of the birth certificate. However, the IPs will need to provide a signed surrogacy agreement between them and the surrogate, a certificate of embryo transfer into the uterus of the surrogate mother issued by the IVF clinic and a certificate of childbirth issued by the hospital.

International Married & De facto Couples

Straight married couples (Ukraine, Georgia) and straight de facto couples (Georgia) can legally enter into a Gestational Carrier Agreement using their own gametes or totally donated gametes.

Surrogate Mother is NOT a parent

Ukrainian/Georgian law is clear in providing that the gestational carrier has no parental rights over the child and there is no ability for her to change her mind.

Same sex couples

Same sex couples are not allowed to enter into a Gestational Carrier Agreement.

Birth Certificates

The birth certificates can list the names of one or both intended parents. The certificate is normally issued within a week of the child’s birth.

Citizenship & Passport

The Australian High Commission in London is responsible for all citizenship applications made for children born in the Ukraine and Georgia.